Friday, August 19, 2011

Matt Kemp & Raul Mondesi (Power & Speed)

I'm calling it right now....

Matt Kemp will hit two homers this weekend at Coors Field. He already smashed 28 bombs and has stolen 33 bases. He's two homers shy from becoming the 2nd Dodger to reach the 30 HR/30 SB mark.

Do you know who's the only Dodger to ever accomplish this feat? He did it twice!

Raul Mondesi

In my opinion, Mondesi was one of the most exciting Dodgers of the 90's. He joined the 30/30 club in 1997 (30-32) and 1999 (33-36).

Kemp will most likely pass those numbers. I'm not sure if he can get to 40/40 but it will be fun to see the last six weeks. 

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MK27 said...

Its crazy because growing up I loved Raul. Now ever since his first call up its been Matt Kemp. Raul Mondesi was THE BUFFALO and now Matt Kemp is THE BISON.