Sunday, August 28, 2011

Is Andre Ethier Tired of the Dodgers?

I'm confused over T.J. Simers story on Andre Ethier. What the heck is going on? Is Ethier really hurt? And if he is, why doesn't he just stop playing and risk of seriously injuring himself?

From the L.A. Times {linked here}

Ask Ethier if he should still be playing on a right knee that will require off-season surgery, and he says, "If you're expecting me to do what I've done in the past, no, there's no possible way I can do that right now. You can say tough it out and give it your best shot, but it's not going to happen.

"It's only going to get worse from this point. I've dealt with it all season long, but as the season goes on my body wears down. That's just the way it is — I keep getting put in the lineup, so what am I supposed to do?"

The Dodgers played all season without a left fielder, so why not make a change in right, shut down Ethier and wheel him into the operating room?

"A million-dollar question," Ethier says before catching himself. "But I think there is a value in finishing anything you start."

But in doing so, his reputation begins to suffer with fans left to wonder what's wrong with the guy. On the last trip, he hit .074.

Worse yet, and can it get any more around here, why would the team's general manager even hint at the possibility that Ethier might be faking an injury?

"What am I supposed to be concerned about?" General Manager Ned Colletti says. "That he has those numbers [since the All-Star break], that he's hurt or contends he's hurt?"

Contends he's hurt?


* * * * * *

Contends he's hurt? Did Ned Colletti just say Ethier is lying? Or is Ethier just being a baby and finding a way to get out of Los Angeles?

On August 1, I went to Petco Park with my friend Jason to catch the Dodgers game against the Padres. Hours before game time, Ethier was signing autographs and blasted the Dodgers organization. I wrote about it on Twitter {linked here} and Facebook that Ethier was not happy with the current Dodgers situation. Most of you got mad at me for not saying the full details on what happened that afternoon.

But seriously, like you didn't know he was not happy? I just didn't think it was right for me to blog about his comments. I did make the mistake of saying he was upset. Obviously I should have just stayed quiet. Looking back at that day, I think I was very angry over his comments that I had to tell you that he was upset. His comments reminded me of what Matt Kemp's agent, Dave Stewart told me after I asked him when was Kemp going to sign a long term deal with the Dodgers. {linked here}

Honestly, if that was Kemp doing the talking instead of his agent, I wouldn't have posted that video just because Kemp is a current member of the Dodgers.

Another example....

Like I mentioned yesterday, Dioner Navarro in Spring Training was asked by a fan how does it feel to be back with the Dodgers? And he said "A paycheck is a paycheck". What a jerk. I didn't blog about it because like I said with Ethier's comments, he's a current member of the organization.

Look, I'm not the L.A. Times or this big news company. It's just little old me. First of all, I'm a fan and I wouldn't want anyone to get in trouble over dumb comments.

Now with Ethier, I want him to be happy and have a great career with the Dodgers. I know he's a good guy and have seen him do some great stuff off the field. I just don't know if it's possible for him to be happy in Los Angeles again.

I'm sure there will be more news on this when the media arrives in Dodger Stadium and ask Ethier what's going on. 


Dodgerbobble said...

I agree with you Roberto. It seems like Andre has one foot out the door. I would love to have him back in Dodger blue, but his actions and words and the way he's playing all suggest he's unhappy and wants out.

Amber said...

I'm not at all pleased with Ethier's attitude, but Colletti isn't helping. Taking a passive aggressive swipe at Ethier in the press is reminiscent of the whole debacle he created with Kemp last year. It's bad enough our owner is a fraud, we don't need a GM who can't man up and handle him concerns with players in the clubhouse instead of antagonizing them through the press.

jonathan said...

No joke I'm goin to say what's really bothering eithier. He's jealous of Matt Kemp. He came in the season thinking he was gna be the man and when Kemp broke out he got all the attention and eithier can't deal with not being the face of the franchise

White Devil said...

Interesting, Orlando. I'm not sure if it's that simple, but i do think it plays into Ethier's grumpiness.

It reminds me of when Mike Marshall and Pedro Guerrero played together. It seemed to me if Guerrero hit a 400 ft homer, Marshall tried to hit one 450 ft.

Ethier needs a PR makeover like Kemp got this year. I'm just not sure there is someone out there that can do it for Ethier like Lopes did for Kemp.

Travis Fox said...

Andre has made a couple of comments this year that have thrown me off. Then he always comes back and tries to explain himself. It is getting annoying quite frankly. Steve Lyons did make a good comment on it in the post game show today saying that it was a T.J. Simmers article and he really never has anything good to say about the Dodgers or anything from the heart and all he does is try to stir trouble. I love him but then again if he doesnt want to be here why not just keep him next year and try and build his value up and trade him at the deadline He has been very confusing this year.

jonathan said...

Is it that simple ? Maybe yes maybe no but eithier is sad to say weak minded u can see it after a tuff at bat u can hear it from his friends when they ask if the divorce affects the players . This kind of stuff affects eithier.