Saturday, August 13, 2011

Going to Living Spaces this morning? I have bad news

Good morning everyone!

Heading to Living Spaces this morning to meet Matt Kemp? I have bad news. Don't go! It's too late already.

I woke up about an hour ago to feed my baby and was curious to see if anyone that I follow on Twitter was at the event. I checked and noticed many people were at the scene already. 

My friend Lorena posted this picture on Twitter around 12 a.m. - {linked here}

Camping out for Matt Kemp's signing. There's already a large group of ppl waiting. Line goes around store.

Around the store? That's crazy! It's a good thing I'm not going. I honestly don't need anything from Kemp.

Don't be upset, Kemp is scheduled to sign again by the end of the month! {linked here}


Koufax Kid said...

Thats like the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Camped out for a free $40 autograph? I'm not sure how much your time is worth to you, but thats just plain nuts

Aya K. said...

I got there at 430 and I was able to get in :)

MK27 said...

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jonathan said...

I Dnt get it. How is a free autograph 40 dls?

hypnotic23 said...

what he meant to say was u could get his auto for 40 buck idk where last i paid was 60 bucks but thats another story, anyways i see it like this if u really want it bad enough do ur thing and camp out for a free auto i would..

B said...

Actually the line was a bit misleading, since everyone that camped out had folding chairs and was giving each other space. I got there at 6 am and was able to secure a wristband. There was probably about another 30 that got in line after me and the last person I notice that got in line was at 8 am.

Dave Stewart (Kemp's agent) was there also and was signing & taking pictures with fans that recognized him.

Dodgerbobble said...

A free $40 autograph? That doesn't make a lot of sense. In this economy, how can you call anyone nuts for trying to get something for free? Not everyone can afford the $40 or get to Frank and Sons.

Yes, waiting in line for 14 or 16 hours is a long time, but for some people it's worth the wait.

MUSTANG1321 said...

Damn I'm so glad I didn't my all star homerun derby jersey signed & inscribed by Matt Kemp @ Frank & Sons & I love it!! I think I would've wasted my $$ & time if I would've went. Learned my lesson from da Kershaw signing..

jonathan said...

Yea I figured he meant the frank and son events. But 40 dls was the cheapest it could have gone up to over a hundred dls for bigger items and inscriptions. Plus that signing was booked during preseason after Matt came of the bad season so those prices were locked in. If not we would have had to pay I'm sure more then the Either signing. So camping out was not really nuts

Koufax Kid said...

I'm just saying he's accessible. I give major credit to everyone that camped out for Matt. I'm sure it was totally worth it - for me camping overnight for Matt Kemp wasn't my thing. I ended up going to the Ron Cey signing which was really great. About 100 people in line and Ron was signing multiple items.