Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dodgertown Links: Andre Ethier Upset, Rubby Surgery, Plus other news!

A few buddies will understand why this picture is so funny....


I'll post pictures and videos from yesterdays trip to San Diego tomorrow. Didn't have time to post. Here's one though. Andre Ethier entering Petco Park. Oh and about Ethier, what do you want me to say? Like I mentioned yesterday at Facebook/Twitter, Ethier made comments toward ownership and his contract status. I have video of that. I don't think I'll post that. He was signing autographs outside of Petco Park. He was talking towards the fans and most likely didn't think there was anyone recording the little chat. I just don't want to be a jerk towards the moody guy.

News around the web!

  • I feel bad for the kid. So sad. Rubby De La Rosa to undergo Tommy John surgery. {Dodgers.com
  • I was at the game. Clayton Kershaw is my hero. 13 wins! {Dodgers.com
  • Jamie McCourt has wasted $9.9 million bucks on lawyers fees. Poor thing. {TMZ.com}
  • Key witness in Bryan Stow case unexpectedly dies  {USA Today}
  • Dee Gordon is back on Twitter. Follow him. {SkinnySwag9}
I need a nap.

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