Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dodgertown Links: Andre Ethier refuses to talk about his knee. Plus other news!

Grand Slam!

Video -

News around the web!
  • Andre Ethier hits a Grand Slam last night! Refuses to talk about his knee. {}
  • Why did Ethier tell T.J. Simers the Dodgers wanted him to play even though he's hurt? I don't know but maybe Ethier was embarrassed that Simers asked him "Why do you suck?" {L.A. Times}
  • Dee Gordon to return tomorrow against the Pirates. {}
  • Matt Kemp & Clayton Kershaw face long odds in award season. {True Blue L.A.}
  • Matt Kemp's season presents challenge to MVP voters. {Yahoo! Sports
  • Mark Cuban on buying Dodgers "It's a long shot". {CBS News}

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