Thursday, August 25, 2011

Contest Winner / Andre Ethier Bobblehead

I posted this contest yesterday. The prize is a Andre Ethier bobblehead. {linked here}

I said that if you wanted to win this bobblehead, all you had to do was leave a comment here. Over 100 comments were posted!

I'm using to determine the winner. I'm not picking the winner. I read a few comments where they asked me to select them. I have no say.

Blame :)

Here's the screen grab. The winner is.... (Click Pix)

I got over 100 comments. The screen grab is showing the top 26. Natalie R. wins!

Congrats Natalie. Send me a e-mail with this account with your details so I can know you are the winner. Your bobblehead will be arriving soon!

I still have many prizes. I already gave away two bobbleheads and a Dodgers beach towel. I still have a few bobbleheads, game tickets, magazines, autographs and other great prizes to give away!

So keep checking the blog. I might use once in a while or I'll go with trivia questions. It depends on my mood.

Oh, Emi Records just sent me 5 cd's of The Beatles. I'm giving away those really soon too! :)


Dj Asylum said...

Congats Natalie R.!

bluefanforever33 said...

I see my name! lol I lost. Thanks for the contest Roberto. Congrats to Natalie.

bbcardz said...

I lost too but still think Roberto is da man! I'm so impressed that you're giving away lots of great stuff Roberto! And congratulations to Natalie R.--enjoy!

hypnotic23 said...

made the top ten ended up in 7th place oh well maybe next time. congrats nat..

Natalie said...

Woo hoo!