Thursday, July 28, 2011

Upcoming Dodgers Signings, Easier way to search, Plus New Kemp Event

I did something new last week. Hopefully you have noticed. I posted all the upcoming appearances at the front wall of this blog. Don't see it?

Scroll down a bit. Look at the left side of the screen. It says "Upcoming Appearances (Click Name)".

If you click the name, it will take you to the post. I'm hoping this is easier for you and less e-mails asking when is Matt Kemp signing?

Sorry but this won't work if you are viewing this blog on your phone. You need to view this blog on a daily basis so you won't miss anything.

By the way, you will notice there is two appearances for Matt Kemp. I found out there is another event for Matt Kemp. The date has not been announced which is the reason I haven't posted the details.

So look for that info soon.



hypnotic23 said...

I heard while waiting in line at the kershaw signing that matt kemp was doing a living spaces signing in august how true that was is idk.

Alejandro said...

i heard the same thing about it being the living spaces and in redondo which i hope so it will finally be close to me for once