Sunday, July 17, 2011

Upcoming Appearance: 1981 Dodgers Championship team

Hall of Fame Sports will be doing a 30 year Anniversary celebration of the Dodgers 1981 World Series Championship this November at Frank & Son in City of Industry. No guests have been announced yet. I'm sure they are trying to get many players from that '81 team.

Not to be selfish here, but I'm hoping it's not the players you can usually get at the stadium. I can just start over and get them all on a single item like a huge picture. We'll see. 

Autographs that I have from that team -

Dusty Baker
Ron Cey
Steve Garvey
Pedro Guerrero
Jay Johnstone
Ken Landreaux
Davey Lopes
Rick Monday
Jerry Reuss
Bill Russell
Steve Sax
Mike Scioscia
Reggie Smith
Dave Stewart
Derral Thomas
Fernando Valenzuela
Bob Welch
Steve Yeager

Players that I need -

Terry Forster
Dave Goltz
Burt Hooton
Tom Niedenfuer

That's it. I just need these 4 pitchers. Unfortunately, Steve Howe passed away.

Send me a e-mail on who you want to see at the show. I can forward your requests to the promoters. I'll just forward the most popular requests. Hopefully the popular requests is not the players that I don't need. :)

Or I can give Hall of Fame Sports the top 10 names that I got and maybe they can take a look at those players and see if they can get them for this great show.

E-mail -

By the way, go to Baseball Reference for the '81 Roster. {linked here

Oh and before you tell me "You can get those guys through the mail bla bla bla....". I do not do "TTM". I have already explained. Nothing against those that do it but I don't see the fun in it. I rather get the autographs in person.



hypnotic23 said...

Yeah I need most of the guys u mention to complete my ball with the exception of jay johnson,mike sciscia, and tom lasorda

Roberto Baly said...

That's the whole team. Holy cow... I suggest to go to Autograph Alley at Dodger Stadium. I see like 6 guys from this roster where you can easily get them at Dodger Stadium.

hypnotic23 said...

Lol yeah im trying to get them its alot its going to be a process lol

Dodgerbobble said...

Dusty Baker and Davey Lopes are the two big ones for me.

Dusty has become a guy who I know as the "other teams" manager now. I want him back in LA signing something for me.

I just need Davey Lopes for my infield project.

Dodger RAMblings said...

When I talked to Chris from HOF Sports last Wednesday, he said they had 20 players confirmed so far. They've already announced Lasorda. He also said they'd announce more in the coming weeks.

Should be interesting who they get and how high the prices are set.

Roberto Baly said...

@ dodgerbobble - Davey Lopes will be doing a signing soon. Don't worry. It might be a reunion with Garvey, Cey and Russell again.

Roberto Baly said...

@ TruetotheBlue - 20? Last time I spoke with him it was 15. Looks like he is working hard on this project. Looking forward to it! Who do you need?

Dodger RAMblings said...

Yeah, he told me 20 on Wednesday. Also said he'll have a few more to add to the Newcombe signing.
I've got "the infield" on a 16x20 and have Fernando, Sax, Scioscia, Garvey, Russell & Cey on individual balls. I'm tempted to start a team project on 1 item.

Roberto Baly said...

Same here dude. Got that 16x20 pix. I do have the '81 World Series Program. Already have some guys in it. Maybe I'll finish it. Who knows. We will see who they announce.

hypnotic23 said...

Thats basicly what I started this season when I got tommy to inscribe the 81' 88' ws on my ball and trying to get as much starters from that yeah then get it famed so I hope this reunion works out for me

Dodgerbobble said...

Roberto - Really? That's very exciting. Davey Lopes has been my "white whale". Can't wait to find out when the appearance will happen.

gcrl said...

really hoping they somehow convince terry forster to sign. would also love to see bob welch and scioscia. i have had good luck with mail-in to hof sports this summer and am looking forward to the next round of 'dodger days'.

Roberto Baly said...

@ dodgerbobble - Yes. He did a signing with the other guys a couple of times the last several years. I'm surprised you have missed him.

Roberto Baly said...

@ gcrl - I hear Scioscia is hard just because he's a current manager and is making good money. No need for him to show up at these paid signings. He does free signings because he is sponsoring something. We shall see.

Mike Barnhill said...

@Roberto. Thanks for the heads up. I need a few from the team and will be there. BTW- Burt Hooton and
Tom Niedenfuer are great through the mail signers. Might be worth a try.