Sunday, July 24, 2011

Steve Sax with a wig, Vin Scully dancing, Must see Video!

The 80's must have been a special decade for Dodger fans. Two World Series Championships and nearly three million fans coming to the park every year. Those teams also seemed to have fun and great "chemistry".

Here's a video from 1985. I've never seen this and it was just uploaded on YouTube.

Steve Sax of the Dodgers singing "Marvelous". Parody to the Billy Crystal act on "Saturday Night Live" character 'Fernando Lamas'. This is Crystal's version. {linked here}

Here's the "Dodgers" version with Steve 'Fernando' Sax leading the way. Pay attention! Vin Scully dancing? :)

Video - {linked here}


Neeebs (The Original) said...

And I thought it was going to be Steve Sax of SOSG.

Highly disappointed. :-)

bbcardz said...

LOL, I'm highly impressed and ROFL! Great find, Roberto! The 80's were awesome with Fernandomania, Lasorda was still managing, O'Malley was still the owner--good times!

I love this video so much that I'm sharing it with my buddies at

Thanks Roberto!

Andy from

joejohn said...

I'm really sad that the video was taken down.