Monday, July 11, 2011

My adventures @ The All-Star FanFest


As I mentioned yesterday morning, I went to the All-Star FanFest in Phoenix, Arizona with my brother. We left at 4 a.m and arrived a bit before 9 a.m. at the Phoenix Convention Center. Arizona was heating up already in the morning. It was hot!

We parked the car and walked across the street to purchase FanFest tickets. A man approached my brother as if he was going to offer him drugs and asked "Need tickets? I got a deal for you". $10 bucks each!

WOW. We took two tickets. FanFest tickets are $30 bucks so we saved $40 dollars.

Here's the ticket. It says $25 but apparently with the fees and what not, it comes out to $30.


The morning was starting off good. Then a worker asked us if we wanted to get inside the convention center. We were confused since the line was already getting big across the street. He told us "You can get inside here too". What a morning! So off we went inside and basically avoided hundreds and hundreds of fans.

Nobody inside. Topps!


Sweet Bike.


I went to the FanFest in Anaheim last year too and what I noticed is that the Anaheim Convention Center is bigger than the Phoenix Convention Center. But this FanFest has everything together where in Anaheim it was more spread out and you had to walk more. Phoenix = Things closer and less walking!


I thought different things were going to be set up. But it was mostly the same. I saw the same exhibits as last year.

Here's Josh Hamilton.


Adrian Gonzalez - I think he's going to win the HR Derby.


Hall of Famer Lou Brock answering questions from the fans. A great guy who also mentioned that his favorite team was the Dodgers.


Hall of Famer Earl Weaver -

Earl Weaver

Phiten products. The seller told me "You will feel good". I already feel "good".


Google "Charles Fazzino Art". Amazing!


Hall of Famer and great dude, Gaylord Perry!

Gaylord Perry

I need to get one of these balls and have Matt Kemp sign it if he wins the HR Derby.


Hall of Famer Rollie Fingers hanging around.




Hall of Famer Fergie Jenkins is a great man. Does many charitable events for kids.

Fergie Jenkins

Bobbleheads were everywhere!


Like I said, most of the exhibits were the same. Like the "Milestones in Hispanic Baseball History". But it's always cool to check it out.


Big Foot was there again.


Hall of Famer Juan Marichal

Juan Marichal

We didn't stop to eat because we were on a schedule. Had to get in and out of lines to be able to meet all the Hall of Famers that were scheduled to sign throughout the day. We did notice that Taco Bell was there and giving away Tacos. Only 1 per fan. I've never ate a Taco from Taco Bell before. NEVER. I got one.

Here's the Taco.


What the hell was that? Holy cow! That was disgusting. Why do you eat at Taco Bell? Trust me, that's not what a Taco is suppose to taste.

I did catch the Dodgers game once in a while.


Frank Thomas and Jeff Nelson teaching kids how to hit and pitch.


Hall of Famer Luis Aparicio. He was not happy being there. Poor guy.

Luis Aparicio

I did my own little observation. According to my study, fans of the Diamondbacks were there by the hundreds. Of course you would see many fans of the Diamondbacks since we are in Arizona. But what about the rest of the fans?

The top 5 fans.

1. Arizona Diamondbacks.
2. St. Louis Cardinals. These fans showed up big time! They were everywhere.
3. Baltimore Orioles. Was surprised to see so many Orioles fans.
4. Texas Rangers. Yes, Texas Rangers! I don't know why.
5. New York Yankees.

I did see Dodger fans but not like these teams.

Oh and I did see this fan. Brooklyn Dodger hat and Willie Mays shirt.


I got more pictures but I'll end it here. I'll see if I can shoot pictures of the autographs that I got. It was a really good day and I wish I could have stayed for the HR Derby and All-Star game but we had to get back home.

Shout out to Raymond! It was great seeing you again.

HR Derby coming up. Enjoy it. 

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