Thursday, July 14, 2011

Matt Kemp @ ESPYS

Matt Kemp at the ESPYS last night in Nokia Theater Los Angeles.

I didn't see much of it. I did hear the jokes about Frank McCourt and the Dodgers. I also noticed Kemp was sitting behind Mark Cuban.

Pix - AP

Kemp looking good. But how about San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson? What the heck is this?


Ben G said...

Double breasted suit? Sharkskin? Are his shoes blue leather? sheesh. I think Brian Wilson might be better dressed.

MK27 said...

Ben G I would hate to see you get dressed up cause Matt is lookin sharp...That what pimpin looks like...take notes son!!!!

Cher said...

DODGERS will always be one up on the Giants!!!

jonathan said...

Matt Kemp looks pretty pimp, very nice suit and shades. This guy has tonz of style. Wilson is a joke he's a attention starved idiotand looks ridiculous enough without that outfit.