Friday, July 15, 2011

First Annual Car Show @ Dodger Stadium Postponed!

Three months ago I posted details on a car show that the Dodgers were going to host at Dodger Stadium. {linked here} It was scheduled for July 23. It was going to be the "First Annual Car Show at Dodger Stadium". Well the first annual didn't survive.

I'm getting too many e-mails about it and I just got a question on Facebook from Greg asking for a update. Might as well write a post here.

I got word last month that the Dodgers have postponed this event. They are trying to push the event later this year but I seriously doubt that's going to happen. It's not happening. I honestly don't think it's postponed. It's more like it's been canceled. Look for it in 2012 if you know what I mean.

Sorry to all you car fanatics. I have a buddy Craig, who has a old classic Mustang. He was going to take it to the car show. Sorry Craig.

If I get a update, I'll post it.

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