Friday, July 15, 2011

E-mail of the day

Hey look, a e-mail that's not asking me a question. She just wants to tell me something nice. That's rare! I usually get about 20 e-mails per day and these are the most common questions....

Are you really Vin Scully's Homeboy?

Are you from the Middle East?

Do you work for the Dodgers?

How can I get Andre Ethier's autograph?

You look like a teenager, how old are you exactly?

Everyday I will get one of these questions. This morning I get the nicest e-mail. Made my day.

From Lupe -

Hi Roberto!!

This is my first email to you, and I’m so excited!!!
I love your blog, open it up when I come in in the morning, and refer to it all day, about 20 or so times!! I love the information you provide, and the links!!! I’ve been a Dodger fan since the late 60’s, am now 59 years old! AND I STILL LOVE MY DODGERS!!! Win or lose, I still root for them!!!
Your baby boy is precious, love his pix, post more,,,,
Thank you for the signing updates, my nephew and I have become avid chasers getting autographs where ever we can! I’ve got about 20 or so signatures by now!!!
Am heading out to Phoenix early tomorrow morning to catch my favorite dodger, DAVEY LOPES, and hoping to get his signature, then we’re trotting on down to Chase Field to see the dodgers play, I’ve never been to Chase Field.
We do go to Camelback every year, but will be visiting Chase field for the first time.  I’m hoping to also get Kirk Gibson’s autograph!
Wish us luck!!
And again, thank you for all of your wonderful blogs!!

So sweet. Thanks Lupe and have a great time in Arizona. :)


Unknown said...

So how old are you exactly? haha.

Roberto Baly said...

21? :)