Friday, July 15, 2011

Dodgertown Links: What type of lady is Kemp looking for? Plus Bankruptcy News!

News around the web!

Glad that Baseball is back! Dodgers/Diamondbacks coming up!

  • New Dodger Juan Rivera might see some time at first base. {
  • US bankruptcy trustee for Delaware objects to Dodgers financing plan. {Washington Post}
  • Steve Dilbeck thinks the Dodgers should be buyers. {L.A. Times}
  • The Detroit Tigers are interested in Hiroki Kuroda. {Fox Sports}
  • Jon Weisman has a mid-season report on the minor leaguers. {Dodger Thoughts}


Evan Bladh said...

Hi Roberto, you've got it backwards. I think they should sell and Steve Dilbeck is saying they should be buying. Thanks for linking my post up though, your site continues to be the greatest.

Roberto Baly said...

Fixed. Sorry about that Evan. I don't why I wrote "should not". I know what you meant since I read your article and Dilbeck's article. :)

Thanks Evan.