Friday, July 8, 2011

Dodgers take down $ 4 Reserve Tickets for Fernando Bobblehead Night

I posted this picture last Wednesday. It was taken last Tuesday at Dodger Stadium. {linked here}

I was informed that the Dodgers are no longer selling $4 Reserve tickets for Fernando Valenzuela Bobblehead night.

It's at regular price now. So hopefully you took advantage of this deal before they took it down.



Anonymous said...

probably has to do with so many ppl going last night

Unknown said...

Do you know if they were still $4 bucks at last night's game? If so I missed out :(

Roberto Baly said...

@ DodgerFan1 - I heard they took it down before last nights game.

Wagner said...

I went to buy tickets last night during the 8th inning and was told that they took it down because the seats that had set aside had sold out