Friday, July 8, 2011

The bullpen knew Kershaw was going to win before the game

I felt the energy at Dodger Stadium tonight. It was like the old days. Sell out crowd getting excited at each Matt Kemp's at bat and even heard some "MVP MVP MVP". The noise got louder after Clayton Kershaw threw the heat against the New York Mets.

It was awesome. Not so awesome was my bonehead move in not getting a new memory card. I didn't realize my card was almost full. I honestly didn't want to delete any of the previous pictures. So I just shot these....

Andre Ethier Bobblehead night was a success.


The sky was Dodger blue.


The bullpen were celebrating before the win. I'll explain in a bit. Here's Kershaw at the bullpen before the game.


Here's video of Kershaw throwing some heat.

I had a feeling Kershaw was going to win just by seeing that bullpen session.

Kershaw's teammates knew it too....

They decided to celebrate the win before the game.


Hong-Chih Kuo knows he was going to shut it down in the 9th inning.


Beautiful night. I saw fans that I haven't seen since last year. Thanks to those that said hi. Good night!



Dodgerbobble said...

As usual, great pics!

I'm the exact same way. Even if I know I have the pictures stored on my computer or on an external hard drive, I still don't want to delete them from the memory card.

Roberto Baly said...

lol yeah. I didn't know until the camera said "card full". I had to delete about 15 pictures. But it's okay because they were worthless pictures. I wanted to delete more to shoot more but I couldn't. Time to get a new card. The good thing is that memory cards are not that expensive like a few years ago.

perumike said...

Yeah Roberto, great game, great energy in the stadium, and glad to see Kuo restore order in the 9th! I'm glad he's back to his great form! Also, that last sequence in the 8th where Donnie left Kersh in, and he got out of that bases loaded jam, was electric!