Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bloggers Night Recap

The 4th annual Bloggers night was a success.

Beautiful day at Dodger Stadium.


I arrived too early. Walked towards Will Call and it was closed. Had to wait for a few minutes.


And look who's driving....The one and only Tommy Lasorda.


Wait, he can go inside and I have to wait outside in the heat? Unfair!


Got my ticket and went inside.


Dodgers BP


Went to the suite. I counted around 16 bloggers. It was great seeing everyone.

Here's Ron Cey saying not so nice things to a couple of former Dodgers. Not sure if that was "off the record". Let's just say that he does not think it's correct for people to talk about purchasing the Dodgers when the team is not for sale at the moment.


Al Ferrara talking about his Dodgers and Batman days.


Great conversations with them and the Dodgers PR staff. Andre Ethier also called in via a speaker and asked us for support. He needs your votes!

Video of Ethier calling in.

In a Dodgers suite, you can either watch it from inside or sit outside. I decided to sit down for a few innings.


Here's the hardest working Dodger employee, Amy Summers.


This is not a photoshop picture. I repeat, this is not a photoshop picture.


Time to get up and stretch the legs....

Our suite.


The new Andre Ethier bobblehead in the building.


We get goodies!


What's inside? Beach towel, Ethier Blanket, Don Mattingly Bobblehead, Dodgers apron, Media Guide, July '11 Dodgers Magazine, '81 Retro Dodgers shirt. I have most of these items so I'll just do a contest soon. Won't give away the beach towel though. I'm at the beach all the time.


It was a great night. I hope you noticed I didn't even talk about the game. Do I really have to talk about it? Nop. I'd like to thank Josh Rawitch, Amy Summers, Jon Chapper, Yvonne Carrasco, Joe Jareck, Ron Cey, Al Ferrara and all the bloggers for the time. I think every blogger is different and unique in their own way. Imagine if every blogger was the same. It would be a boring community. We all offer different things to the Dodgers. If they have written any recaps of this night, I'll post them tomorrow so you can read them.

Also, thanks to Dylan Hernandez of the L.A. Times and Josh Suchon of Dodger Talk and Ben Platt of for stopping by. I'm sure I'm missing some people.


thegreatpiazza said...

Looks like you had fun Roberto. Happy for you.

perumike said...

Great recap! I envy the access you get to the team, but am happy for you! Thanks for keeping us all in the loop!

Roberto Baly said...

@ thegreatpiazza - Yes it was fun. Time went by so fast.

@ perumike - Thank you :)

Evan Bladh said...

rolled in at 4 AM, and I'm dragging. It was great seeing you again Roberto!

Roberto Baly said...

Glad you made it home safely Evan. See you soon.

NessaM said...

I spy SoSG! Looks like a good time, thanks for the recaps R.

Roberto Baly said...

SoSG are trouble-makes. Be aware! lol :)

Thanks Nessa

Steve Sax said...

Hey Roberto,

Thank you very much my friend



Evan Bladh said...

Thanks to SoSG for the diversionary tactics and running interference in helping me get the extra Ethier blanket and beach towel.

Roberto Baly said...

Nice seeing you Sax!

Roberto Baly said...

@ Evan - I ran and ran hard! :)

bluefanforever33 said...

Andre's bobblehead looks sick! Can't wait.

Steve Sax said...

@Evan Bladh: no problem, although I had no idea a jail cell overnight could be so cold

rhernandez said...

let me buy that ethier blanket

Roberto Baly said...

Not selling it. Will be giving it away soon right here in the blog. Keep checking!