Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog Contest - Dodgers Apron

Just like I mentioned yesterday, I'm giving away a bunch of stuff. {linked here}

Today I will be giving away this Dodgers apron. For those that enjoy cooking like Rod Barajas.

This is going to be easy. The next contest will be more difficult.

The 14th e-mail wins! This is what you have to do -

Send me a picture of yourself at Dodger Stadium. Make sure to have a first and last name in your e-mail. I'm picking the 14th e-mail since today is July 14. You should know my e-mail by now. If not, look for it, it's around here.

I will announce the winner tomorrow and post the picture of the winner. I'm not going to reply to your e-mails today. I'll do that tomorrow.

Good luck!


Dodgerbobble said...

I missed this contest by an hour, so I'm not gonna make an attempt at winning. I'll put the word out there though, if anyone has an extra apron they wanna trade me, let me know.

Pride of Dong said...

It didn't say you couldn't do it more than once, I sent around 14 emails, I REALLY want that apron.