Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vin Scully "I just wish it were a blue carpet" (Hollywood Star)

This is the 4th update!

Before going to Dodger Stadium yesterday, I decided to see if the ugly old red carpet was gone.

And I see this. It's worse. The whole star is covered. It's gone! The old red carpet is still there.

Well someone did lie. If you read the previous posts I wrote, you know what I'm talking about. They claimed the owner of this club was going to remove it. But now it looks like they are doing some construction.

Pictures -

Notice how the red carpet has been put in a different direction? What's up with the plywood? 


No one was inside. I'm assuming this is only open at nights. The weird thing is that the gate is open. But I don't see anyone inside and I didn't want to get arrested for trespassing.


This is Glen A Larson. After him, it's Vin Scully. But you can't see it because it's now completely covered.


Department of Water & Power. I guess it's a month long plan. I've seen houses being built in one month.





You can complain to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. {linked here}

If you're on Twitter, send a message to Ana Martinez. She's the VP Media Relations of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. {linked here

Ana sent me a private message through Twitter last week asking for my number. I gave her my cell phone # and she has yet to call. Not sure what she wanted. If she's upset that I posted these pictures or that I posted her Twitter link, then she needs another job. After all, she's the "VP Media Relations of the Hollywood Walk of Fame".

Read previous posts on this.....

First update {linked here} These pictures were taken on May 20. There was no construction going on. Just the red carpet!

Second update {linked here}

Third update {linked here}

Tom Hoffarth of the Daily News has a great recap of what's going on. Check out his story. {linked here}

Hoffarth asked Scully about the Star and he said "I just wish it were a blue carpet".

Scully is funny.

Thanks Tom for that story.

Keep sending e-mails to Hollywood Chamber of Commerce! Thanks everyone!


Empoprises said...

We knew that Lasorda bled blue. We should have figured that Scully bled blue also.

Now I have to check your blogroll. There's a blog there with an intriguing name - Opinion of Kingman's Performance.

Evan Bladh said...

Very intriguing name indeed.