Monday, June 27, 2011

Target Field Tour

The Dodgers are playing against the Minnesota Twins at Target Field for the next three games. When I saw the 2011 schedule last year, I was happy to see this series. I even planned on going to Minnesota to check out Target Field. I've never been to Minnesota and was looking forward in checking out this ballpark.

But having a baby changed those plans. Next time I guess!

I'm looking forward in watching it on t.v.

Check out this video of a tour of Target Field.


Josh said...

Target Field IS amazing. I tried to find anyone to go with me to the game tonight or tomorrow since Minneapolis is only 2 hours away. No takers. Seeing my two favorite teams in action would have been fantastic

gcrl said...

this was a good game to be at. the weather was nice (a bit breezy on the third base side) and an offensive explosion from the dodgers. trent oeltjen? who knew. i'll be back on wednesday for rubby!

Roberto Baly said...

@ Josh - I would have gone alone! :)

@ gcrl - That's awesome man. I'm hoping you're going to blog about it.