Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Steve Garvey's Celebrity Softball Game This Sunday!

Steve Garvey will be hosting his annual "Celebrity Softball Game" to benefit ALS Lou Gehrig Research this Sunday after the Angels/Dodgers game at Angels Stadium. 

All fans in attendance are invited to stay and watch. Before the game, tables will be set up so you can obtain autographs. 

Those that are scheduled to participate: 
Steve Garvey
Jay Johnstone
Bill Russell
Tommy Davis
Rudy Law
Kenny Landreaux
Derrel Thomas
"Sweet" Lou Johnson
Steve Yeager
James Pitt (Star of Avatar)
Bonnie Jill Laflin (Actress, Model and Sports Reporter)
Gregg Townsend (NFL/Raiders)
Plus more guests! Stay tuned for more info! 


dodgerfan08 said...

Thanks Roberto for letting everyone know about this amazing event!! My family and I are very closely and actively involved with the ALS Association and this event helps raise a ton of money for a wonderful cause! This is the first year it's been really open to the public like this on a stage such as Angel Stadium. It is a ton of fun, so I hope everyone comes out and supports the ALS Association because it's a horrendous disease with no cure. Thanks again Roberto for posting this event!

G. Scott said...

I'd pay the price of admission just to hear Rudy Law and Derrell Thomas BS with each other.

PJ said...

Robert do you know if this is still happening since gametime has been moved to 5:05pm? Will they have it before the game? I'll be in the suite if you want to come and stop by... PJ

Unknown said...

from what I understand, the celebrity game will be played AFTER the angel/dodger game. They are estimating an 8:30 start time for the celebrity game.

Kelly said...

Will there be any video? I'd love to see some.