Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rubby! Dee! Dodgers Win!

Congratulations to Rubby De La Rosa, who gets his first win as a starter. He was off to a shaky start but overcame it with a solid five innings, four K's, one earned run and five walks.

Dee Gordon was impressive in his first start with three hits and one stolen base. Matt Kemp keeps on smashing the ball as he hit his 17th homer of the season.

And don't forget about the bullpen who were able to finish off the Phillies.

Kemp's 2011 line - .320 17 HR 50 RBI's. Please vote for him to start the All-Star game! {linked here}

On a low note, Jerry Sands went 0-4 and left three men on base.

I never imagined on January 9 that Gordon, De La Rosa and Sands were going to start a game together in 2011. Never! {linked here}

Pix - Rubby De La Rosa -AP-

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