Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Recap: "State of the Dodgers Panel" @ ESPN Zone

ESPN Zone and ESPN Radio held a "State of the Dodgers Panel" last night. {linked here} I decided to go since Jon Weisman of Dodger Thoughts was going to be part of the panel. Most of the talk was on Frank McCourt. And to be honest, it's depressing.

Former Dodger Jay Johnstone was also part of the panel and he has the following idea:

"Let's trade James Loney and Jonathan Broxton to the Milwaukee Brewers for Cecil Fielder, excuse me, I mean Prince Fielder"

That's nice Jay but you sound like those fans that call DodgerTalk and make these ridiculous proposals. Why would the Brewers do that? Sure it would be great for the Dodgers but I don't see the Brewers agreeing to this type of trade.

I was reading reviews on L.A. Live the other day and I remember reading a comment that says L.A. Live is the New York Times Square of the West Coast.

No it's not. I've been to Times Square and trust me, L.A. Live does not compare to Times Square.

L.A. Live is small and nobody is there.

Pictures -

This one has been posted before but kinda cool to see it here. Matt Kemp -


This is what the Dodgers need to do. Statues!

Wayne Gretzky

The new one. Jerry West -

Magic Johnson

Oscar De La Hoya

Chick Hearn

L.A. Live

You need to check out Nike Vault!

The Dodgers Panel. A Martinez, Jon Weisman, Jay Johnstone. Didn't catch the name of the last gentleman.


Jon was nice enough to sign his book titled "100 Things Dodgers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die"


And this is the cool part.

To Roberto - The role model for Dodger fans, Here's to better times ahead. Jon Weisman. 

Thanks to Jon, ESPN and the whole staff for the great evening.

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KCheung said...

Hey Roberto, got to this post late but the last guy at the panel looks like my professor, Jeff Fellenzer. he was the same professor teaching this class:
trivia note about Fellenzer: when he operated the scoreboard before there was diamond vision, he was the one who was operating it during the Rick Monday flag play.