Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Please Go Away Frank

I'm sick and tired of Frank McCourt. I just want him to go away. I don't wish him any ill will. I've actually met him a couple of times and I do think he's a nice guy. But I believe McCourt is not the right person to own the Dodgers. He needs to give up the team. Just give it up now.

I was reading the L.A. Times article that Bill Shaikin wrote and it just made me sick. {linked here} I don't see how MLB can lose though. Even if MLB takes away the team, I don't see how McCourt can still keep Dodger Stadium as his attorneys are saying.

From the L.A. Times - {linked here}

Would you buy the Dodgers from Frank McCourt if you had to hand him one-third of your revenue every year?

McCourt threw that brushback pitch at Major League Baseball on Tuesday, the day after Commissioner Bud Selig vetoed the television contract that would have provided the Dodgers' owner with a financial lifeline.

In the best interest of the game and for the fans, McCourt needs to step down immediately.

McCourt's vow to retain Dodger Stadium and related assets even if he loses the team caught the attention of at least one prospective buyer. Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks, said the Dodgers appeared to be "such a mess" financially.

"If the deal is right and they're fixable, then, yeah, I'm very interested," Cuban told TMZ. "Who knows what is included and what's not?"

Bob Sacks, an attorney for McCourt, said the entities controlling the stadium, the parking lot and a huge chunk of the Dodgers' ticket revenue were separated from the team itself — in transactions approved by Major League Baseball.

Doesn't that get you angry?

Tony Jackson of ESPN L.A. wrote a masterpiece on this subject. {linked here}

Allow Major League Baseball to take control of the team and sell it. Take whatever is left of the proceeds, pay whatever debts remain, pay off his ex-wife and then go off somewhere and live the rest of his life in peace, out of the spotlight and preferably out of sight, period.

He can live the rest of his life at the Montage if he wishes, if he can afford it. He can pay his sons whatever he chooses to pay them, for doing as much or as little work as he chooses to require of them. He can take as many private-jet flights to as many different corners of the globe as he wishes.

So, I now write directly to Frank to just please go away and leave us all alone.
And, most importantly, leave this once-proud franchise alone. Forever.

I feel the same way Tony.

Since I'm on this subject, I'd like to say that even though the Dodgers are going through a ownership mess, this has not affected me in watching the Dodgers on t.v. or in person.

I can't boycott the Dodgers as thousands of fans have done. I just can't do that. I love this team too much. I can't just say "I will no longer go to the stadium". It's too hard for me. Maybe the losses doesn't hurt me as much as you? I do find ways to get great deals. I hardly spend money on food. I don't drink alcohol. I'm always bringing my own water. Plus Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp are having a fantastic year. I wouldn't want too miss that.

But I understand the reason if you're not coming. Let's just hope all this ends soon and we can get a new owner.

By the way, we're on a little winning streak right now. Hopefully the Dodgers can sweep the Tigers tomorrow.


Michelle said...

Yes, this makes me very angry and proves that Mr. McCourt does not have the best interest of the Dodgers in his goals. He is showing he is greedy enough to continue to take the team through financial problems as long as he s involved with the ball club.
The Dodgers will survive and thrive again once they have e a new owner who loves baseball, and wants to build and run a winning franchise.
Go Dodgers!

strainedOblique said...

The media has portrayed this as a showdown between Frank McCourt and Bud Selig that is inaccurate.This is a showdown between McCourt and the 29 other Major League Baseball franchise owners.Selig is a figurehead.A combination spokesman/sergeant at arms for all the owners.His job is to oversee the day to day and long term plan for MLB, but he serves at the discretion of the 30 owners.When McCourt makes threats or actually litigates he will be sueing the likes of the Steinbrenner family, John Henry, Jerry Reinsdorf and these people don't screw around and they most certainly do not lose.These people will destroy McCourt if he continues to F-ck with them.He's finished

Aya K. said...

Yeah, I get why some people aren't coming to games and aren't watching the games, but I completely agree with you. I need my dose of baseball. Whether it's watching it on tv or going to the games.
But concerning McCourt, the dude just needs to get out of town..