Thursday, June 30, 2011

July 9 - Day of Rally / Protest / Boycott

The "Mark Cuban Save The Dodgers" blog is planning a rally next week.{linked here} Blog founder Roger Arrieta is calling July 9 a day of Rally/Protest/Boycott.

Click flyer for details.


WhiskeyBlues said...

I think the rally is a great idea except for Mark Cuban's name being involved. We should definitely protest the Dodgers situation but why bring Mark Cuban's name into this? I know he's showed interest in buying the team but I think begging him to buy makes Dodgers fan's look pathetic and desperate. It lacks class. Remove his name from the protest and I'll jump on board. Right idea, wrong concept!

White Devil said...

I agree, Whiskey. I support the idea of a protest but not with Cuban attached to it.My personal choice as new owner should it come to that is Dennis Gilbert. He has experience as an agent, a front office administrator, and knows the Dodgers well since he attends almost every game.

Unknown said...

Stand together......arm in arm.......tyey are Our Dodgers

Mother Jones

Unknown said...

The frankrupt team will be there to support all the LA fans that share in our frustration with Dodger ownership!