Monday, June 6, 2011

Great news on Vin Scully's Hollywood Star!

I posted pictures last Saturday of Vin Scully's damaged Hollywood Star. {linked here} Big thanks to Dee for those pictures.

Thanks to Casey, Cheverra, Claudia and Glenn for the latest update since Ana Martinez from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is not willing to share the news with me.

Through a press release, they have informed everyone the following - {linked here}

ATTENTION VIN SCULLY FANS: The Hollywood Historic Trust/Friends of the Walk of Fame is currently in the planning stages of repairing the Hollywood Walk of Fame in what is a $4 million repair issue. Many of the stars have slight damage some have more due to age, the elements and pedestrian traffic. The project will begin in approximately 2 months and the repairs will first focus on those that are worse and a tripping hazard. Mr. Scully’s star has a crack and is on the docket for repairs but not in the very near future. The repair project could take up to two years to complete.

Here is the good news. Fan, Glenn Mingay has stepped up to the plate and has started a campaign to raise the $2,500 needed to go ahead and repair the Vin Scully star now. Glenn is collecting money to repair the star and can be reached at Once the money is raised, the Hollywood Historic Trust will proceed with ordering repairs immediately. Any monies collected in excess of what is needed to repair the star will go to the Bryan Stow Fund.

Thanks for the interest.


Update for Dodger fans:
Star of Vin Scully and his surrounding neighboring stars are now uncovered as the construction is almost completes. Thanks for the inquiries.
Dodger Fans:

Vin Scully’s star and others located at 6675 Hollywood Boulevard are currently covered due to construction issues. Originally, unbeknownst to the Hollywood Chamber there was a red carpet placed there without the consent of Chamber or the City of L.A. A Chamber spokesperson has spoken to the owner of the property and he will not replace that red carpet. The Walk of Fame is a registered historic landmark and must never be covered unless there is construction. The City of Los Angeles is keeping an eye on the situation. The repair should be complete by the beginning of the week.

Please spread the word and thanks.


This is great news. And I'm sure it's because of you who sent thousands of e-mails and made phone calls to Ana Martinez.

I can go on but I don't really have anything nice to say about Ana Martinez. But thanks to everyone who wrote and called! You guys are great! :)


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Sauerkraut said...

I feel like this is good news because of the fact a fan is stepping up and trying to raise the funds. The thing is, DWP cracked the star, therefore shouldnt it be they who has to pay for its repair, not us? I feel like this isnt quite a victory yet.