Thursday, June 30, 2011

Eric Karros blinds me with his tie

Hard to believe I only attended one game during the last homestand. It was a big homestand too. 12 games to be exact. The only game I went too was last Saturday for Photo Day. {linked here} I'm not blaming my newborn, just saying. :)
Eric Karros was walking out after the game. I think he was still upset over Matt Kemp's ejection. I told Karros that I would like for him to replace Steve Lyons in the broadcast booth. He just smiled. As you know, Karros is working for Fox and does pregame shows for KCAL.

I couldn't figure out the color of his tie. Green/Blue? Nice kicks inside the Nike box though.

Eric Karros


Unknown said...

I think we should call the tie Teal!!!

Roberto Baly said...

It is a teal! :)


mel4thedodgers said...

That's totally a "Easter" outfit tie!