Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dodgertown Links - Davey Lopes "Philly fans, the best in baseball" Plus other news!

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Davey Lopes misses Philadelphia - {linked here}

"I started feeling it last night when we flew in," Lopes said. "You see people walking around in downtown Philly saying Hey Davey, how you doing, sorry to see you're not back with us. Like I said, it's a little emotional. The four years I had here were as great as you could possibly have it. To see how this club and this organization grew to be, if not the best, then they have to be in the top three in the game of baseball, organizational wise, from top to bottom. Everything they do, from top to bottom, first class all the way. I kind of miss that."

"Like I've always said, it was a very difficult decision. Believe me. I have nothing but great memories of this ballpark, and the fans, I consider the best in baseball. The intensity level coming into the ball park every day, I miss that tremendously. As you'll see when you go to LA with the empty seats. They're something you're not used to seeing in L.A. Neither am I. But, you know, this organization, the Phillies, from David Montgomery on down, is first class. They treated me great. It was a very difficult decision, believe me.

Other news - 
  •  Effective Ted Lilly outdone by Cliff Lee. {Dodgers.com}
  • Changes made Chris Reed attractive to Dodgers. {Dodgers.com}

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