Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dodgers sent me the following package!

We're finally home. Everything is good. I appreciate all the nice e-mails.

UPS comes late in my neighborhood. Just received this package a few hours ago.


As you know, I wasn't able to attend Tuesdays game due to the birth of my first son. I missed Hong-Chih Kuo's Bobblehead. I even tried to go to Wednesdays game. I love those "Throwback days". But I couldn't go.

The Dodgers PR department shipped me a Kuo bobblehead.


Thanks to Amy and the Dodgers for the Bobblehead and the greeting card. I really appreciate it! :)

I think this bobblehead looks way better when you're holding it than seeing it in pictures. I actually liked this version. 

Oh, I was serious. I wanted to go to Wednesdays game.  I had my Brooklyn hat on since they were going to wear the Brooklyn unis. But the Hospital staff didn't let me take him away for a few hours. Apparently there is this rule where you cannot take the baby until the mother leaves.

Oh well! :)


Jose Castillo said...

Congrats! I actually though about sending you a bobblehead too! I ended up with an extra, its just my busy schedule didn't allow me to reach out to you, I guess its time to throw it up on ebay and let someone else who will enjoy it.

PastyRasta said...

Did you decide on a name yet?

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