Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dodgers New Mini-Plan - Summer Bobble Slam

From the Dodgers -


Love bobbleheads? Then the brand new Summer Bobble Slam is the perfect ticket plan for you! This four game plan includes all of our remaining bobblehead games, featuring pitcher Hong-Chih Kuo, outfielder Andre Ethier in the Dodger throwback uniform, a salute to Fernando Valenzuela, and a tribute to Dodger legend Duke Snider.

Great for bobblehead fans and as gifts for your favorite grads and Dads!

Buy now and save---starts as low as $15 a seat! {linked here}


BRinLA said...

I was at the game last night. What a deperssing site it was. So many empty seats. It wasn't that long ago that Bobbleahead nights would sell out and the line waiting to get into the stadium would snake through the parking lot. Last night we walked right in no waiting. Not a very energetic crowd either. I usually like going but this season it has been a challenge. Not very fun at all. They are offering so many discounts and packages to games. It almost shows desperation. Its kind of sad to see this.I hate to be so negative.

BRinLA said...

I also see that the attendance was announced at 36,975. There is no way there were that many fans at the game. Maybe closer to 30,000 or even fewer than that. I wonder why that don't announce the actual number of fans that come through the gates instead of tickets sold.