Thursday, June 2, 2011

Contact Ana Martinez (Hollywood Star Walk of Fame)

Oh my, Ana Martinez from Hollywood Chamber of Commerce attacked me via e-mail. I guess she is not happy that my readers are sending her complaints.

The e-mail is funny though. Sounds like a teenager.

Contact Ana -

Via e-mail -
Via Twitter - {linked here}
Via Hollywood Chamber of Commerce {linked here}

It's also funny that Ana says Vin Scully is ok with it. Of course he is! When have you seen Scully complain? He even joked that it's too bad the carpet is not blue!

If fans don't complain, his star will always be treated as if it's a piece of garbage. Thanks everyone for sending your complaints!

Read my previous post if you haven't. {linked here}


Sauerkraut said...

post the email Mr.Baly!

she doesnt deserve confidentiality.

Roberto Baly said...

I will not lower myself to her level. Let's just say it was not a nice e-mail. I thought it was a teenager writing to me.

TACO said...

We support you! Go Roberto!

Roberto Baly said...

Thank you TACO! :)

MK27 said...

Message Sent!

johnnie b. baker said...

stay classy roberto! the high road is always the way to go! obviously she isn't very bright to attack you knowing you have a passionate audience. She is most likely overwhelmed with the response she has faced from your reporting, not just from your readers but the other news sites that are now covering the problem. she's not handling the stress very well. you are a good guy roberto, again, with a lot of class!

Anonymous said...

Right on Roberto! We got your back on this. Email sent!

Sauerkraut said...

I totally respect you position on not posting the email Mr.Baly. Has there been any further updates on this story?

jonathan said...

Forget being classy roberto be funny and post it