Thursday, May 12, 2011

Who's the best golfer in the Dodgers roster?

Oh yeah. Jonathan Broxton is considered to be the best golfer in the Dodgers roster.

Big like John Daly.

According to Mizuno, Broxton rocks the golf course. {linked here}

What may be surprising is that this 300 lb mountain of a man, possesses a golf swing that’s as smooth and picturesque as they come. A 5-handicap and arguably the best golfer on the Los Angeles roster, Broxton displayed a level of finesse at his Mizuno Golf custom-fitting session that belies his “full-tilt, full-time” approach to pitching.

Nice choice of words. "300 lb mountain of a man".

I guess Broxton has some down time now and can pick up those clubs and play some golf. Click the link above for a video of Broxton taking some swings.

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