Thursday, May 26, 2011

Update - Vin Scully's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Last night I posted pictures of the Hollywood Star of Vin Scully. {linked here}


I received many e-mails and messages over at Twitter and Facebook. Thanks for the comments!

Thanks to my readers, we got the following info.

You can complain to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. {linked here}

You can call Vogue, which is the club/theater that's using this red carpet. Call 323-466-1900

If you're on Twitter, send a message to Ana Martinez. She's the VP Media Relations of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. {linked here

While calling or writing, don't be rude. Just complain nicely. 

Also, big thanks to Tom Hoffarth for mentioning this over at the Daily News. {linked here}


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Dee said...

I sent an email to Hollywood Chamber of Commerce