Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Upcoming Dodgers Signings, Andre Ethier Appearance & A Funny E-mail

I'm getting too many e-mails asking about upcoming signings. I have posted all the details here before. It's so easy to go back and search my old posts. All the appearances have been posted here.

Here's a quick rundown. Click on the name for further details. Always confirm! Not all events are free and players and dates are subject to change.

But first let me share with you this e-mail I received over the weekend.

From Ruben -

I don't have time to read your blog. Whenever there is a signing event going on with any Dodger player call me at (818) 870-**** with the info.

Funny. Geez, you didn't even greet me. :)

I was debating to post the full number or not but I'm not a jerk. I almost did though. Sorry Ruben, I don't have the time to call you.

I also received another funny e-mail attacking me because I did not tell my readers that Rod Barajas was going to sign last Friday. Sadly, I can't share that e-mail because of all the expletives in it.

I did post the info on Rod Barajas. {linked here} My suggestion is for you to bookmark the blog so you won't miss a thing!

Upcoming signings (Click name for details)

Shawn Green

Matt Kemp

Tommy Lasorda

Bill Singer

Frank Howard

Dioner Navarro

Jamey Carroll 

Ramon Martinez

Jerry Sands

Steve Garvey

Don Newcombe

Tony Gwynn Jr

Andre Ethier is scheduled to make a autograph appearance very soon. Nothing has been announced officially which is the reason I can't post it. It's official but technically it's not. But trust me, it will happen. Makes sense?

Look for further details soon!

Let me know if I'm missing a event. Trust me, it happens. I missed Mike Piazza the other day. I didn't know about it until afterwards. So if you got a tip, send me a e-mail. Thank you!

Other notes...

I've been posting upcoming appearances since I started this blog on October, 2008. It doesn't matter if it's Sandy Koufax or Juan Castro, I will post it if it's a current or ex Dodger. If I post info on a Juan Castro appearance, no need to send mean comments and say "Who the hell wants Juan Castro?".

Trust me, there will always be someone that wants his autograph. If you don't need him, then ignore the post. I know everyone wants Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier but there is a few group of autograph collectors that are looking for the not so famous guys. By the way, not to sound mean but if you don't have autographs from Kemp or Ethier then you are not trying. They are always signing at Dodger Stadium. I'm not saying every single game but I've seen them do it often. But if you don't come to Dodger Stadium often then I understand.

- - - - - - -

Someone asked me on Twitter yesterday what do I think about paying for autographs. It's a bit difficult to answer that question because it all depends on who it is and what I'm getting. I guess I'll give you a few examples....

Last Saturday I did pay to obtain autographs from two members of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers team. I do not mind paying because it will be difficult for me to meet them in another setting.

I do not buy autographs online. I feel uncomfortable in doing that since there is so many fakes online. Honestly, if I can't get it in person then I'm okay in not getting his autograph.


Also, I do not do TTM (Through the mail). Like I said, I just enjoy getting autographs in person. I have nothing against people that do it. I know a couple of buddies that do this and have a lot of fun in doing it and get happy when that person returns their items. I'm just not into that. Sorry, can't help you with that.


Lately, I've been receiving requests. I do not do that. I'm sorry. I don't buy or sell autographs. I don't have extra items. I don't wish to sell anything. I can't help you.


Suggestion - DO NOT USE SHARPIES ON BALLS! I've said this before but I still see it. I saw this two weeks ago at Dodger Stadium when Matt Kemp was signing for fans. A adult fan (not a kid!) gave Kemp a ball. Kemp was about to sign it with a regular black pen when the fan said "No, I want it with this pen because it's blue". Kemp didn't say anything and just grabbed his "pen" and signed it. The only problem is that it wasn't a pen. It was a sharpie. The signature on that ball will bleed. You need to use a regular point pen. Sharpies are for magazines, books, jerseys, etc.

I hope you find this info helpful. Thanks!

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