Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Recap: May 17 - Dodgers vs Brewers (Pictures)

I was worried about this game because of the rain. I was still going to go but honestly I thought about just going in and get the bobbleheads and leave. But I have a good excuse. My wife already passed 8 months and the baby should pop out soon. I just didn't want her to go through all that. It's not like I can take her back home since she works near Dodger Stadium. And we don't live near Chavez Ravine. But the sun came out! And it was a very nice day.

We did leave early. Super early! It's the earliest I have ever left for a game. 4th inning. It was getting cold and it started to rain. It wasn't bad but I was worried that it was going to get worst.

But it's all good. Pictures -

Clayton Kershaw Bobblehead

I turn around and see Matt Kemp talking to his agent Dave Stewart. I can imagine the conversation "Dave, can Frank McCourt give me that fat contract?" And Dave will just laugh and say "New York baby!".


Back to Kershaw....

I'm trying to convince Kershaw to come over and sign our bobbles. We start chanting "Kershaw, Kershaw, Kershaw!"

It didn't work.

Dave Stewart again. I bet it's a call to the New York area.

Big fan of Stewart. Great pitcher.

Dave Stewart

Thanks Dave! I have video of this encounter with Dave but I'm debating whether to post it or not....It's shocking. Well not shocking but at the same time it is.... A couple of fans around me told me to post it. My wife said "noooooo".

I think it's going to get posted. Look for it later. 

Brewers coach John Shelby. He was a former Dodger who was in the 1988 Team.
John Shelby

Thanks John!

Rest in peace Harmon Killebrew

Free earphones!

Photo during the 4th inning. I was going to leave in the 3rd but wanted to wait for the Twitter contest that the Dodgers do every Tuesday. I kept refreshing my twitter feed. I get the question and I answer it right away! It was the correct answer by the way but I noticed I was about 4 minutes late. Phone reception at Dodger Stadium is not that great I guess.

42,138 fans showed up.

We left. Heard the rest of the game on the radio. Did you know Rick Monday and Charlie Steiner rarely gives you the score? Hiroki Kuroda pitched a brilliant game and it was nice seeing Matt Kemp's 2 run bomb!

On our way out. Thousands of Bobbleheads sitting alone. I asked them if I can take a box. They ignored my question. How rude.


Car of the month.

Good times. I won't be able to make it to the Giants series so I'll see you in the next homestand.

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