Monday, May 16, 2011

New Dodgers Dreamfield @ Boyle Heights

I've been to a couple of Dodger Dreamfields and I have to admit that this one is the best one.

I thought it was going to rain but luckily it didn't. Pictures -


The Dodgers Dream Foundation, in partnership with the LA84 Foundation and the Los Angeles City Department of Recreation and Parks, unveiled a new Dodgers Dreamfield last Saturday morning at Pecan Recreation Center in Boyle Heights.


Frank McCourt and Kenley Jansen

Kenley Jansen and Bobby Castillo

Pepe Yniquez

Al Downing

Wes Parker

Kenny Landreux

Frank McCourt was in attendance and did not hid from the media after the press conference. He didn't want to talk about his personal problems but did talk. Dylan Hernandez of the L.A. Times asked the tough questions. {linked here}


If you believe someone is not sincere or is lying to you if that person does not look at you in the eyes then Frank McCourt is not sincere. He will look at you when you are asking the questions and when he is answering the questions, he starts looking around and talks. Yeah he'll stare at you for a couple of seconds but that's it. I shot some video of it. Maybe I'll upload it later. I haven't yet because the audio is bad. Too much noise in the background with the kids running around with Kenley Jansen, Bobby Castillo, Tommy Davis, Al Downing, Kenny Landreaux and Wes Parker.

And yes, McCourt did say the Dodgers roster would be the same even without financial problems.

Quotes -

“I want to thank the Dodgers Dream Foundation, the LA84 Foundation and Recreation and Parks for the new and improved baseball field at Pecan Park, including new energy-efficient lighting that we are installing,” said Los Angeles City Councilmember José Huizar. “Once again, we are ensuring that the children on the City’s Eastside are deserving of top-notch facilities that rival any in the City.”

“I am very pleased that through the efforts of the Los Angeles Dodgers Dream Foundation, the LA84 Foundation, and the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, we will be able to install a total of eight new Dodgers Dreamfields in parks throughout the City of Los Angeles. Through this partnership we will rebuild and renovate these fields to give them a myriad of upgrades, as well as a whole new look, and better playability,” said Jon Kirk Mukri, General Manager, Department of Recreation and Parks.

“The Department of Recreation and Parks has a long history of working together with both business and non-profit partners to bring improved services to the communities and residents of Los Angeles. We will do whatever it takes to continue our steadfast commitment to promoting youth sports and active lifestyles through athletic activities. The re-building of these eight fields is a big step forward in achieving our collective goal of providing youth a safe and clean place to play. We are sincerely thankful to both the Dodgers Dream Foundation and LA84 for their generous donations.”

- - - - -

Renovations to the new Dodgers Dreamfield at Pecan Recreation Center include re-grading of the infield, new sod on areas of the outfield, refurbished fencing and new dugout roofs, batting cage, screen for foul balls and solar-powered scoreboard.

“Pecan Park in Boyle Heights has a long history of providing the boys and girls in the area with the opportunity to play baseball and softball. The improved field at the park will showcase the talents of the young players and inspire them to achieve new heights on and off the field of play,” said Patrick Escobar, Vice President Grants and Programs, LA84 Foundation. “We are delighted to be part of a partnership with the Dodgers Dream Foundation and LA City Recreation and Parks to improve this field and eight others throughout Los Angeles.”

Jansen and Castillo teaching the kids how to pitch.


Video -

Kenny Landreaux

Al Downing

Wes Parker

2 Videos of Wes Parker catching with the kids.

Video - Batting coach for the kids was Tommy Davis -

I had a feeling I was going to see my cousin in this event. He's been coaching kids in Boyle Heights for many years. It was nice seeing him. He did mention that the Dodgers did spend money to upgrade this park.

Coach Nissim. 100% Cuban but doesn't talk like one. That's what happens when you grow up in Boyle Heights.

Here is his son Chris running the bases.

Great event overall! Nice to see the Dodgers doing something great for the community and especially in Boyle Heights where there is a huge Dodger fan base!

You can see more pictures of this event in a set I created in Flickr. {linked here}

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