Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 4 Recap - Dodgers vs Cubs (Pictures) Part 2

This is Part 2.

Part 1 {linked here}

I sat next to the Dodgers bullpen but didn't find anything interesting. Plus the fans seemed more interested in getting food. I sat one inning behind home plate but left. That sun was killing me. Remember, that nice usher told me I can run around the park. So I decided to check out the visitors bullpen to see the Cubs throwback uniforms.

I sat next to a dude wearing these...


Cool. I'd say about 25 Cubs fans were sitting in this section.

Now let's check out those uniforms. While you are viewing the pictures, pay attention to what these Cubs are doing. They seem to be distracted and looking at something.

Cubs pitcher John Grabow. They are using 1944 uniforms. I like the block Chicago look with the red underline. Looks nice.

#34 Kerry Wood. They are not using stirrups. Apparently the '44 team used socks.

They look distracted.

Jeff Samardzija

What are they looking at? Well the throwback uniforms look great. And look at this -

Sean Marshall warming up in the bullpen. He came out to pitch in the 9th inning. He went all out with the "throwback style". Marshall using long-sleeved undershirts. How cool is that?

Kerry Wood.

Bullpen coach Lester Strode. Check out the hat. It looks like something the Cuban national team will wear. Strode is also wearing the long-sleeved undershirt.

Like I said, they are distracted.

Cubs closer Carlos Marmol is smiling.

What's going on? Why is everyone looking towards my direction? I decide to turn around....


The end. The next Dodgers "throwback game" will be June 15 against the Cincinnati Reds. I can't wait to see what the Reds will be wearing that day.

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spyboy1 said...

Thanks for posting these pictures. It's the best online resource I've found documenting the Cubs jerseys worn that day.