Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 29, 2011 "Viva Los Dodgers" Recap

The weather was weird this morning/afternoon. The sun would come and then go. Then it would rain a bit. Or should I say sprinkling? 

Jorge Jarrin with his Dodgers apron.

Folklorico Group

Dodgers raised funds for the tornado relief efforts in Joplin, Missouri. Don Mattingly was scheduled to appear but it was a late scratch.

Ted Lilly
Ted Lilly

Mike MacDougal
Mike MacDougal

Javy Guerra
Javy Guerra


Rubby De La Rosa autographed ball -
Rubby De La Rosa

Big Dodger fans -

Darren Dreifort -
Darren Dreifort

Great event! Had a nice time chatting with other fans.

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Anonymous said...

Sick of Viva Los Dodgers, please do away with this crap. The music alone makes me want to kill somebody, or stab my eardrums with a sharp object. Why does my Mexican heritage have the worst music of all the Latin countries?!?!