Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Macy's - "Dodgers suck. We're trying to get rid of these clothes"

Cell phone shots of Macy's....

Funny. I didn't purchase any of those shirts, except the Andre Ethier one. I just didn't like them. Okay maybe the 3rd shirt is funny just because it's a shot at the Los Angeles/Anaheim/Orange County/California Angels.

Macy's had many Angels items but I didn't see any "Sale" signs around those racks.

I had to go on a shopping spree last Saturday. Let me explain. Most of my shirts don't fit me anymore. My weight on January, 2010 was 114 pounds. I was going through something hard to explain so I won't even try to explain what was going on but I was in bad shape. {linked here}

Of course, that's not my normal weight. I'm usually around 135 pounds.

My doctor told me I had to get into a "Fat Diet" after being released from the hospital. {linked here}

I didn't really get into a "Fat Diet". I just ate like a normal person. But then I started to eat like a madman after I found out my wife was pregnant last September. I thought it was the women that gets the cravings? It wasn't like that at all. She didn't get that much cravings. I was the one with the cravings! By December, I was around 150 pounds. On Opening Day, I weighed 161 pounds. I'm currently at 152 pounds.

As an adult, I've always used medium shirts. I've never bought a large shirt before. I've come to realize medium shirts don't fit me anymore because of my extra weight. But don't take it that I'm this big dude. I don't even feel fat. I actually feel great.

I decided to go get new clothes and get a gift for Mother's day.

We go to the mall and since we parked next to Macy's, we decided to enter through Macy's.

I pick up a couple of shirts and then noticed a sports section. Mostly Lakers stuff. I noticed a couple of Dodgers racks and a employee said "We're trying to get rid of these clothes". Oh "Dodgers suck?" I say and he says "Oh yeah".

Now believe it or not, I don't have that much Dodger gear. I don't even own a jersey. I think I have about 4 or 5 Dodger shirts. So what the heck, let me look around and see what they have. It wasn't my intention to get any Dodger shirts but I'll see what they have.

Like I mentioned, I didn't purchase any of those except the last one.

This is what I purchased.

Pictures -

Nike -Andre Ethier Shirt. Original Price - $25. Macy's price - $16.75


I talked about this shirt before. {linked here} I believe it goes for $27 at Dodger Stadium.

I think I'm giving this shirt away or return it for something else. What was I thinking? It's too much attention I think.

So I got that one. Yeah, Large size. But I'll lose the weight over the summer.

Second shirt -

Clayton Kershaw Large Shirt from Majestic - Original Price $25. Macy's Price $16.75


They also had a Matt Kemp shirt like this one. I decided to go with Kershaw.

Third shirt.

Nike - Dodgers Large Shirt. Just a regular "Dodgers Baseball" shirt.

Original Price $20 Macy's Price $14.75


The last one.

Nike Track Jacket. But this one wasn't large! See, I'm not that big. This was medium. The large one was just too big. Original Price $65 Macy's Price $43.75

I've talked about this Nike Track Jacket before too.... {linked here}


You see, it's not that bad that the Dodgers are struggling! We're getting perks like this!

Of course I'm joking. :)

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