Saturday, May 28, 2011

The latest on Vin Scully's Hollywood Star

First update - {linked here}

Second update - {linked here}

This is the third update.

It seems hundreds of readers did complain to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce! Thanks everyone. Not sure if it worked but I got several e-mails from them asking me to please notify my readers that they are working on a solution and that they have asked the owner to remove the old red carpet.

At first they were giving a weak excuse saying there is construction being done. Which is funny because there isn't any construction being done. And I wasn't complaining that there was construction. If there was, I wouldn't be complaining. I would understand. The problem is the red carpet and you can tell it's been there for a while.


Thanks to Ana Martinez and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for getting back to me.

And thanks to you for sending e-mails!

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