Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I got upset when I saw the Hollywood Star of Vin Scully

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I think Hollywood is a tourist trap in my opinion. What's so interesting about it? Even if you're a movie buff, I don't think the city will satisfy you. Who knows, maybe I'm saying this because I live in southern California and I have been to Hollywood several times. I'm not saying it's a boring city. It's actually fun to hang around for a couple of hours but it's not a big deal.

My brother-in-law who is 16, has never been to Hollywood. He has lived here all his life but has never been to Hollywood. He kept asking me when I was going to take him. The funny thing is that he didn't know Hollywood was this close. I have a feeling he thought Hollywood was located somewhere really far and out of state.

I took him last week and he had a blast. While checking out the walk of fame, I was looking for the star of Vin Scully. I've seen it before but just wanted to see it again.

Bad news, the star is mostly covered with a red carpet and old tape.

Blame this club/theater, VOGUE.

Is this acceptable?

I noticed the gate was open to this club. I went inside to complain. No one came out.

Look closely to the red carpet and tape. This is not like a one day thing. You can tell it's been there for weeks. It's old.

No respect towards Vin Scully

I shot the following two pictures to give you an example on how the star is suppose to look.

The great Magic Johnson.

My girlfriend Penelope Cruz.

You see, those stars look nice. You don't see any tape covering the stars. I saw hundreds of stars and none of them were covered with any type of carpet or tape. NONE. Only the star of Vin Scully was covered with that garbage. 

In other news....

Hollywood can be weird too. Michael Jackson is back!

And the world is going to end!

Oh what? It was suppose to end last Saturday? I'm confused...

Here's the address to see the star of Vin Scully if you're interested in going.

6675 Hollywood Blvd.

And if you do go, check if VOGUE is open and complain about this! :)


Empoprises said...

It looks like the tip of another star is covered (not as much as Vin's, but still covered). Whose star is that?

NorthStateBlues said...

That other star would belong to Ferlin Husky, Country singer who just passed away in March. LATimes has a great interactive site about the Walk here:

The Vogue's phone number: (323)466-1900 , in case anyone was curious.

Airled said...

Hollywood Chamber of Commerce
7018 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028
Main: (323)469-8311 | Fax: (323)469-2805

They administer the Walk of Fame.

Paul G said...

I love how the word "guarantees" is misspelled on the end of the world car.

Michael said...

I am an owner and operator of supperclub at the Vogue theater. You complaint is with LA DPW!!!

They have dragged their feet for 3 months in making the needed connections and repairs to the building and side walk!

We paid for them to start the work needed on January 20th. We didn't see them until two weeks ago! They basically tore up the sidewalk, then left for two weeks! They are just NOW finishing, and promise us all work will be done by Monday!


Sincerely, Michael