Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I asked Matt Kemp's agent about contract situation. His shocking response

My brother-in-law is funny. He says "Don't post this video! What if Matt Kemp gets traded because the owner of the Dodgers saw your video".

He's just a kid.

Don't mess with Dave Stewart. As you already know, the former All-Star pitcher is now a agent. He represents a couple of Dodgers. He represents Chad Billingsley and Matt Kemp. Remember that Billingsley signed a long term contract with the Dodgers earlier this year.

As I mentioned in my earlier post this morning, Stewart was at Dodger Stadium chatting with Kemp and other officials from the Dodgers. {linked here} I apologize for posting this video late. I wasn't online earlier this afternoon.

While Stewart was signing autographs, I decided to ask Stewart when is Kemp going to sign that big contract.

Shocking response. Or maybe it's not shocking but it is still surprising.

Check out the video -

The conversation -

Me: Hey Dave, when is Matt Kemp signing that big contract?

Stewart: Soon as you get real owners.

Me: (Whispering)  Ohhh man.

Me: And when will that happen?

Stewart: That I cannot tell you.

* * * * *
I think Stewart caught me off-guard. I wasn't expecting that answer. Which is why I said "Ohhh man".

Have a nice career in New York or Boston Matt!

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