Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Go sit in the front kid. Nobody is coming because of Frank"

I was at the game yesterday and I witnessed another loss. But I try to see the positive side. I'll post pictures later today.

Here's one though. My view.


I had this conversation with an usher.

Usher: Go sit in the front kid. Nobody is coming because of Frank.

Me: Who's Frank?

Usher: Frank McCourt

Me: Oh! Frank McCourt!

Usher: lol

Me: I'm okay, it's too hot.

Usher: Oh, well if you change your mind you can go run around the park. It's all yours.

And I'm thinking to myself "What, I'm 10 years old?" But I did thank him. Very nice of him to give me this golden opportunity to run around the whole stadium because nobody is here.

I get to Dodger Stadium early and check my phone to see what's the latest with the Dodgers.

I read that Andre Ethier is in the lineup. Which makes me happy because I might witness another hit from Ethier, which would extend his hitting streak to 30.

Never mind. Ethier is out because of a sore elbow. {}

Ethier and his 29-game hitting streak were scratched from the Dodgers lineup 40 minutes before Wednesday's 5-1 loss to the Cubs. He will be examined by team doctor Neal ElAttrache in New York on Thursday.

Ethier said he suffered the injury April 16 on a slide into home against the Cardinals, meaning he's had it through the last 16 games of his streak. He said it is more tender throwing than swinging.

"It was on a slide against St. Louis at home, a close play, I think it  was [James] Loney hit a ball to [Albert] Pujols and I slid around [the  catcher] and hyperextended or jammed the elbow reaching for home plate,"  he said. "I've felt it on and off the last couple weeks.

"If it's nothing serious, just a sore elbow or bone bruise, I'll deal with it."

Hopefully it's nothing serious and he can play against the Mets.

And then the not so shocking news. Jonathan Broxton complains of something being wrong in his right elbow. {}

Jonathan Broxton admitted to the Dodgers on Wednesday that there's  something wrong with his right elbow, and he's been shut down for an MRI  and possible other testing. 

Results of Wednesday's MRI will be analyzed by team doctor Neal ElAttrache, who will meet the club Thursday in New York. 

Broxton said the elbow doesn't hurt while he's pitching, but that it  stiffens regularly after he cools down following an appearance.

And read this...

Don Mattingly said one of the immediate issues was to find an MRI tube large enough for Broxton to get his 300-pound frame into.

"I'm serious," said Mattingly.

That's funny. But I can understand. I've been through a couple of MRI's before and trust me, even for a small person like myself, you can feel uncomfortable inside that machine. Just imagine a 300 pound man inside a small machine.

My prediction is that he went through a open air MRI machine. Which is not common but do exist because there are certain patients that are afraid of going inside.

I'm not a doctor but I play one online. :)

As far as the game goes, not much to say. The announced crowd of 28,419 were just enjoying the sun and taking advantage of the half priced food. I didn't feel any "electricity" in the air. Dodger Stadium is not the same.

Matt Kemp went 0 for 4. James Loney did get two hits which was nice. Maybe he can get on fire?

Cubs starter Carlos Zambrando had a good game. Went on to pitch 8 innings. While former Cubs pitcher Ted Lilly gave up 3 bombs.

It wasn't nice. I'll upload pictures now.

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