Thursday, May 19, 2011

Giants fans @ Dodger Stadium

Great video from L.A. Times interviewing Giants fans that came to Dodger Stadium last night.

One thing that I have noticed since Opening Day is the lack of fans rooting the opposing teams. One example would be the Dodgers/Cubs series of two weeks ago. You would see hundreds or maybe thousands of Cubs fans sitting all over Dodger Stadium. I didn't them this time. And attendance was low for that series.

I'm imagining fans are scared to come to park wearing gear from the opponent. My wife knows a University Professor from her College years that's a casual Cubs fan and has come to Dodger Stadium in the last couple of years when the Cubs visit. She didn't go this year. Her reason? "Too scary". I told my wife to tell her that she didn't need to be scared because LAPD has taken over Dodger Stadium. She informed her my message and she said "There is no Chicago police presence in Wrigley Field".

Video by Melissa Rohlin -

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