Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Family of Bryan Stow to file lawsuit against McCourt/Dodgers

More trouble for Frank McCourt. The family of Bryan Stow is expected to file a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Video from CBS 2 -

I've been reading comments on Twitter/Facebook and people seem to be surprised. Why are you surprised? I was expecting this to be honest.


Eric "NiƱo" said...

Negligence. They knowingly proceeded without a bona-fide head of security at the beginning of the season thus placing the safety of guests at risk. Stow's lawyer will claim that with a head of security this coulda been adverted(fat chance). They'll probably appeal to greed as McCourt's reason for skimping on security. With the current climate of corporate greed being targeted, a judge will in turn make 'em pay heavily.

NorthStateBlues said...

I'm glad that they're suing. The "well, you're wearing the wrong colors, what did you expect" approach doesn't cut it.

It wasn't too long ago that it was joked that the Dodgers NEVER had a true home game, due to L.A. being a city of transplants who love the teams of the places they came from. (I can relate, as a Dodgers fan up in the heart/armpit of Northern California).

I remember in '09, going to the Inside The Dodgers tour, and before the game, went to The Pantry downtown and a Giants fan in full regalia was crossing the street with us. I, in full Dodgers regalia, shook his hand and applauded him for having the guts to wear the colors, me doing the same up north with my blue.

The guy was probably safer on Figueroa than at the Stadium, that's for sure.