Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dodger Stadium on FIRE!

I'm not at Dodger Stadium. I'm with family enjoying a bbq. I'm not even watching the game on t.v. but I keep getting text messages from friends saying Dodger Stadium is on fire.

What the heck happened?

From the Press-Enterprise {linked here}

Fans are being moved out of the reserved-level seating on the first-base side at Dodger Stadium because of a reported fire in a storage space in that part of the stadium.

While smoke is visible on that side of the stadium and the smell of smoke is strong in the press box, so far, the game is continuing. The Dodgers trail 3-1 in the fifth.

Pictures - From Bret Morris {linked here}

From "Jackee" {linked here}

From Eric - {linked here}


Trueblue311 said...

Vin said it's a fire in a warehouse on the reserve level!

Roberto Baly said...

WOW. It's that type of year huh? :(