Saturday, April 23, 2011

Steve Yeager @ Jersey Mike's Granada Hills

E-mail from Steve -

Hey Robert,

I read your blog daily and have been to some great signings because of them, thank you! I figured I'd also share a cool tip with you guys since you have been so great at sharing info.

In the Daily News my friend read that Steve Yaeger's wife works at the Granada Hills Jersey Mike's and that he's there regularly to help out. My friend and I just went there today and met him! He was really cool and took pictures, signed our items, and event watched today's game with us! All the while we couldn't believe we were having lunch and watching a Dodgers game with a World Series MVP! The link is below, be sure though to call the restaurant to confirm that he's there or the days his wife is working:

I talked with the owner and he said Yaeger tries to bring Dodger greats to the restaurant sometimes and has been trying to get more. When my friend and I went there was no line and we were the only ones who asked for autographs. The owner said to follow them on facebook for more event info.

Cool! Thanks Brian for the tip! :)

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jake said...

Steve Yeager and his wife are the owners of the Jersey Mikes in Granada Hills.