Monday, April 11, 2011

Recap: Bryan Stow Fundraiser @ Dodger Stadium


It was a great day at Dodger Stadium. As of 12:30 p.m. the Dodgers told the media that they had raised about $15,000 to the Bryan Stow fund.


Video - Fans coming in to donate -

It was leaked out (By a L.A. politician) that Tommy Lasorda donated $5,000. I learned later that it wasn't suppose to be known. Hopefully Lasorda does not get upset. Nice to know he did make a big donation.

Lasorda called the suspects rats. Says he has ran out of tears for Bryan Stow and is praying that one day he will be able to see a ball game again. Lasorda also thanked the fans for coming.

Video - Dodgers VP of Communications Josh Rawitch and Tommy Lasorda speak. Lasorda choked up a bit at the end.


Lasorda was not happy today. You can tell he was very upset and while doing interviews his eyes were watery. He asks fans to enjoy the rivalry but to not take it physically.

Video - Lasorda calls the suspects "Rats"

Video - Lasorda speaking in Spanish. Calls the fans that came today are good people.

Steve Lyons accepting donations.


If you weren't able to come to Dodger Stadium, you can always donate online. {linked here}