Monday, April 4, 2011

Reader E-mail: Dodgers/Giants Rivalry

I agree with this e-mail. Great points.

E-mail from K.C. -


Great seeing you again in Arizona and hope to see you around Dodgertown lots this season.  I was at Opening Day yesterday and had a great time.  The entire day from pre-game festivities honoring the '81 champs all the way through the last out was great.  It's really unfortunate that isolated incidents during the game and an inexcusable act after the game has to ruin what was such a great day.  
It's really a shame that this act of violence reflects so poorly on Dodger fans as a whole because I know a lot of great fans of both teams. It's far from the first incident of this type (in all stadiums, not just Dodger Stadium), but I hope that it will be the very last.  While violence of any kind is absolutely uncalled for, there's a bad element of every fan base that unfortunately feels the need to taunt the other team's fans and put them down. Every time a "Giants Suck" chant started, I chanted "Let's Go Dodgers." Simple as that. Just be positive and support your team. Last season, I won a pair of tickets to Game 1 of the World Series last year and went purely as a baseball fan.  A great deal of Giants fans at AT&T were chanting "Rangers Suck" and being abrasive to Texas fans.   Also, coming out of the ballpark after the game, one boisterous Giants fan kept yelling at any Rangers fan in sight, "What's the matter with Texas?!?! They're all bums!!!" Your team just won the first game of the World Series. How about "Let's Go Giants" instead? I would hope that everyone in attendance acted with more class, no matter which team your root for. 

My greatest wish is that people would put their energies into doing something positive or cheering for your favorite team rather than doing so much to put the other team down. Some of the shirts that I saw fans wearing were disturbing, especially ones like the black & orange "Giants Suck" t-shirts with two baseballs displayed in a lewd manner on them. Baseball is a sport that connects generations and how do you explain a shirt like that to kids? Also, you're kind of glorifying the other team by wearing their colors. Why not wear Dodger Blue if you're an LA fan? 

The world would be a much better place if people put their efforts into positive things and there are a couple of great examples you've reported that Ande Ethier and Clayton Kershaw are kicking off this season, with Ethier/Farmer John donating 1,000 pounds of food for every home run to local food banks and Kershaw and his wife giving $100 for every K to Arise Africa. What if fans took up small donations to help these causes?  How much more fun could cheering at games be if you were rooting for something good?  I was pumped when Kershaw was racking up strikeouts last night, not only because of him keeping the Giants off the board but because each K also helped out a cause.  I hope he leads the league in K's and lots of money is raised.  While times are tough and not everybody is in a place to give, every little bit helps.  Fans could match with a $1 per strikeout. Even 10 cents per K would end up being $20+ at the end of the season.  As Ethier cracks homers, how about if fans helped him and Farmer John by volunteering their time to help out the food banks where the food is going.  I'd like to do both of those and will make the effort to help where I can.  That would be much better than spending a bunch of money to fly a tiny banner over the stadium that nobdoy could see anyway or buying shirts that disparage the opposition.

We're all people and should treat each other with dignity and respect. We can all do better.

Hope all is well with you.  Keep up the good work.  


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