Monday, April 4, 2011

Pictures from Sunday. ESPN, John Kruk, Doyer Dog & More!

From Sundays game.

Just a few pictures.

I like the idea of ESPN bringing in their "Baseball Tonight" team on the road.

Barry Larkin

Orel Hershiser is sitting...

John Kruk!
John Kruk

Bobby Valentine & Orel Hershiser

Don Mattingly was throwing BP for a couple of minutes.

Rafael Furcal looks great. Not sure if it's me but he looks more relaxed. Hoping for a healthy season!

The Blimp is at it again.

This is the "Doyer Dog". I will not try this. No way. The Mexican side of me says "Try it!" and the Cuban side says "Are you crazy!?" I'll go with my Cuban side. I'm not crazy! :)

I had a nice time. Matt Kemp with the bomb. Jonathan Broxton scares us again. And a Dodgers win! I didn't stop at the "Viva Los Dodgers" event. I will next time!

In case you missed it, I posted a video of Casey Blake taking grounders. {linked here}

and.... Jamey Carroll appreciated that someone likes his at bat song. {linked here}

I'll end it with this video from ESPN.

John Kruk goes high and low to find the best seat in Dodger Stadium.


straightbutta14 said...

I ate the Doyer Dog and it was awesome!!... until the next day... not so awesome..

I was in the Kruk video right over his shoulder. I drop the peace sign. I was standing next to him during the national anthem. A good guy and what you see is what you get

Keep up the good work. I come to the blog daily. Hope to meet you some day soon.

Roberto Baly said...

Yeah I think I'm just scared to try that big "Doyer Dog" lol

Will have to see the video again. But I agree, John Kruk is a nice guy.

Thanks! :)